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tv   The Cycle  MSNBC  March 20, 2013 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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on your way back to washington on friday, what will you consider a successful visit? convincing israeli leaders that they can rely on you on the iranian issue, especially learning there are differences between israel and united states concerning the enrichment of the iranian or convincing both sides israel and palestinians the floundering negotiation providing the peace process. floundering peace process? >> well, you know, my main goal on this trip has been to have an opportunity to speak directly to the israeli people at a time when obviously what was already a pretty tough neighbor has gotten tougher. and let them know they've got a friend in the united states. that we have your back. that we consider israel security
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of extraordinary importance us to. not just because of the bonds between our peoples, but because of our own national security interest. in that context, what i have also starten to achieve here is further consultations, building on what we have already discussed. as bb just formed a new government, as i am entering my second term, that, you know, we continue to have close consultation around some of these shares of interest that we have discussed. iran being obviously a prominent shared concern. i want to make sure that the israeli people and israeli government consistently understand my thinking and how i'm approaching this problem and i want to understand how the israeli government and the prime minister is approaching this problem, to make sure that there are no misunderstandings there.
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with respect to the peace process, as i said, i'll have more to say about this tomorrow. but i think you were absolutely right, that over the last year, year and half, two years, two and half years, we haven't gone forward. we haven't seen the kind of progress we would like to see. the fact of the matter is, even with all that's happening in the region, the palestinian authority has worked effectively in cooperation with the international community in part because of some of the training that we, the united states, provided. to do its part in maintaining security in the west bank. we have seen some progress when it comes to economic development
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and opportunity for the palestinian people. but the truth of the matter is, trying to bring this to some sort of clear settlement, a solution that would allow israelis to feel as if they've broken out of the current that would allow to take place inside this country to be a model for trade, commerce, development throughout the region at a time when all these other countries need technology and commerce and jobs for their young people. for palestinians to feel a sense
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that they, too, are masters of their own fate. for israel to feel that the possibilities of rockets raining down on their families has diminished. that kind of solution we have not yet seen. and so, what i want to do is listen. hear from prime minister netanyahu. tomorrow i will have a chance to hear from to get a sense from them, how do they see this process moving forward. what are the possibilities and what are the constraints and how account united states be helpful? and i purposefully did not want to come here and make some big announcement that might not match up with what the realities and possibilities on the ground are. i wanted to spend time listening before i talk. which my mother always taught me
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was a good idea. and so hopefully -- i'll consider it success if when i go back on friday, can i say to myself, i have a better understanding of what the constraints are, what the interests and various parties are, and how the united states can play a constructive role in bringing back a lasting peace and two states living side by side in peace and suh he in sec. thank you. >> chuck todd from nbc. >> thank you mr. president, mr. prime minister. mr. president wab i want to follow up on the peace process. you began your first, first term, big fan fare, cairo speech to talk to the muslim world. the decision to have a middle east envoy early. you said you weren't going to let this slip in your second term with the mideast process. what went wrong? why are we further away from two-state solution? i know you said you want to talk more about this tomorrow. but i'm curious, what do you
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believe went wrong? did you push israel too hard? what do you wish you would have done differently? and mr. prime minister, i want to help out my colleague over here. and follow up that he had, which had to do with, do you accept the president's understanding that iran is a year away when it comes to nuclear weapons. then another question i had for you, is why do you you -- >> chuck, how many do you have? are you going to do with with the israeli press? you have one question -- you see how the young lady from channel 1, she had one question. very well behaved, chuck. >> these are commuted questions -- >> i thought i had four questions. i get four questions. >> look, this is not a kosher question, but don't hog it. >> i guess my question to you was going to be, why do you believe the israeli people have
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not embraced president obama the same way they embraced our last two presidents. thank you. >> so you had to get a polling question in there at the end? chuck, you're just encourageable. look, opening premise to your question was, that having failed to achieve peace in the middle east, in my first term, that i must have screwed up somehow. and i will tell you, i hope i'm a better president now than when i first came into office. but my commitment was not to achieve a peace deal in my first year. or my second year or my third year. that would have been nice. what i said was, i was not going to wait to start on the issue. until my second term, because i thought it was too important. and that exactly what i did.
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i'm absolutely sure there are a host of things i could have done that would have been more deft and would have created better optics. but ultimately, this is a really hard problem. it's been lingering for over six decades. and the parties involved have, yes, some profound interests that you can't spin, you can't smooth over, and it is a hard slog to work through all of these issues. i will add that both parties also have politics, just like we do at home. there are a bunch of things i'd like to do in the united states that i didn't get done in my first term. and i'm sure i could have been more deft there as well.
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but some of it is just because it's hard. and people disagree. and it takes, i think, a confluence of both good diplomatic work, but also timing, serendipity, things falling into place at the right time. right players feeling that this is the moment to seize it. and my goal here is just to make sure that united states is a positive force in trying to create those opportunities as frequently as possible and to be as clear as possible as to why we think that this is an important priority. not only because of some poll
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pollyannish views of can't we all just get along and sing kumbaya. i think there is a resolution to this issue. i believe palestinians will prosper and can channel their extraordinary energies and entrepreneurship in more positive wayes with a resolution to this issue. the entire region i think will be healthier with a resolution to the issue. so i will keep making that argument. and i will admit that, you know, frankly, sometimes it would be easier not to make the argument. and to avoid the question. precisely becausity's hard. that's not the approach i've tried to take. and there have probably been times when i made statement about what i think needs to happen, the way it get filtered through our press, it may be interpreted in ways that get
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israelis nervous just like there are folks back home that sometimes get nervous about areas where they aren't sure exactly where i stand on things. that's why i like the opportunity to talk directly to you guys. hopefully you will show the live film as opposed to the edited version. with that, i think you've got four questions to answer, bb. >> i think that there's a misunderstanding about time. if iran decides to go for a nuclear weapon, that is to actually manufacture the weapon, then it probably -- then it will take them about a year. i think that's correct. they could defer that a long time. but still get through the enrichment process. that is to make a weapon, you need two things. you need enriched uranium of a critical amount, then a weapon.
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you can't have the weapon without the enriched uranium. but you can have the enriched uranium without the weapon. iran, right now, is enriching uranium. it is pursuing it. it hasn't yet reached the red line that i had described in my speech at the u.n. they are getting closer, though. and the question of manufacturing a weapon is a different thing. the president said correctly that we have on these issues, a little arcane. but on these matters, we share information and we have a common assessment. we have a common assessment. in many case, iran gets to an immunity zone when they get through the enrichment process, in our view. in our view. and what ever time is left, there's an lot of time. and everyday that passes, it
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diminishes it. but we do have a common assessment on these schedules, on intelligence, we share that intelligence. and we don't have any argument about it. i thinki it's important to stat that clearly. i think that people should get to know president obama the way i've gotten to know him. and i think you've just heard something that is very meaningful. it may have escaped you. but it hasn't escaped me. that is the president announced that in addition to all of the aid that his administration has provided, including iron dome, including defense funding for israel during very difficult times, he has announced that we are going to begin talks on another ten-year process, arrangement, to ensure american military assistance to israel.
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i think this is very significant. and i want to express my thanks for everything that you have done and i want to thank you also for that statement you just made. i think it is very, very important. so i think israelis will judge this by the unfolding event and by what is happening. what is actually taking place. and for this, you know, there is a simple answer for your question. the gentlemen from nbc. see, a another term as president and another term as prime minister. that fixes things. >> thank you very much, everybody. >> president obama and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu just wrapping up their pros conference in jerusalem. let's get right to andrea mitchell who is there with more on what with we just heard.
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andrea, lots of ground covered today. >> a lot of ground covered. i think what you saw at the end there was the beginning of a new relationship. if you can think back it kato casablanca, perhaps. the president calling netanyahu bb. you did not hear netanyahu calling the president barak. pointing out the president has committed to talks on a new extension of their long-term military engagement. you heard netanyahu saying if you get to know the president the way i have gotten to know him, communicating to the israeli people polling very negatively on barack obama that there is more to obama than has been previously understood and clearly both sides were at fault in how much they got off on the wrong foot. we saw our own chuck todd getting in four questions, not just the one permitted. well, it is almost passover and
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it is almost a jewish joke that you ask -- the youngest asks four questions at passover time then he got that in then it was like the ball because netanyahu saying this is not very kosher but you're hogging questions, chuck. so there was a lot of levity here. even when talking about iran. i thought that netanyahu conceded something here that i've never heard him say before. he conceded the american time line that once iran makes the political decision to have a weapon, that it would take a year. but then said that they are concerned here in israel about the enrichment of uranium. from his point of view there is nothing that uranium would be enriched for other than a weapon. but israel never quite conceded that, the american intelligence, is they haven't yet made the decision at the supreme leader, ayatollah level, to go ahead and make a weapon. >> andrea, i also heard one thing stand out for me, when
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netanyahu said that he is quote absolutely convinced that president obama is determined to keep a nuclear weapon out of iran, how important was that for israeli audiences to hear? as that that's very important, you're exactly right. the president said before he is not bluffing. joe biden repeated it to apac just two weeks ago. the president is not bluffing, he is deadly serious about that. policy is not containment. it is absolutely contention and he will tell the israeli people in his speech tomorrow and he said it today that he has israelis back. and also the promise of this new long-term military relationship that will go beyond 2017. the other thing is the israelis wanted him to be here physically. to get an emotional sense of how
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vulnerable they are geographically and when the president opened remarks by saying, in flying this there, i saw that you measure your security by minutes and by miles. i'm paraphrasing, but that basically what he said. that the commitment that george w. bush got before he was president flying by helicopter by ariel sharon. that's the size of israel and how close it is to its neighbors that netanyahu wanted to hear. >> andrea, chuck todd brought up two-state solution, of course, today. any chance that obama can nudge netanyahu toward that or is the threat from iran right now too much to even go there? >> they are talking about it but i think it will be in john kerry's lap and he will be here saturday night. after going to jordan with the president we will double back to jerusalem, have dinner with netanyahu, have dinner with a couple of advisers on both sides, and they will try to move this along. it is a big stretch.
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my colleague, veteran journalist here, martin fletcher of nbc, says it is hard for them to come up with a new configuration. you have ynetanyahu out of a ne election. you have palestinian authority. so how you have negotiations and what the formula would be and israel surrounded byis lathe fund meantlism and war in syria, it just really is a very hard climb. but they said they are at least going to start. and i know that john kerry is very committed to this. >> andrea mitch they'll jerusalem. thanks so much, andrea. great information. >> my pleasure, thank you. >> with us now is a fellow from is a van center at middle east policy from brookings institution. as andrea just mentioned, israelis had an election of their own recently. prime minister netanyahu just formed a new government. he was seeing as having been
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weakened. how does this new coalition impact the process and impact this trip even? >> the coalition has important consequences for the peace process and ability to move forward. there is a bit of conflict here. on the one hand this is netanyahu's third government so the guest guide is what he will do in first two terms of prime minister. first in the '90s and just now. the government is unusual for israel. the far right in it with an alliance with the center and they have a bold agenda on domestic issues but on foreign issues and especially the palestinian question, there are grave disagreements. so andrea just mentioned that secretary kerry may be involved in the peace process and all indication is that he would like to be. and israel will have a lot of trouble coming to terms with concessions towards the americans or palestinians. >> natan we heard the president talk at length about syria and
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talking about red lines, chemical weapons. language we've heard before, frankly. what did you get out of the syria talk today in. >> by an leather, the israelis and americans see things alike but are both very concerned. the latest report we saw on chemical weapons is some indication or suggestion they were used by rebels. i don't know how verifiable those assessments were. but the israelis in particular are very can concerned about chemical weapons and advanced conventional weapons reaching the wrong hands. wrong hands could be hezbollah in lebanon. an ally of assad. regime of damascus. or opposition groups that may be outside the realm of what the intelligence community knows about. this information is shared and israelis said they would react again and have reacted by military in lebanon. beth parties are very concerned about what is happening in syria and of course chemical weapons are first among them. i think this is a very volatile
12:22 pm
situation that could develop any week as we saw yesterday with the latest report. >> andrea mitchell was reporting how this could be a new beginning for netanyahu and obama. how there was more warmth between them or less after chill between them might be a better way of phrasing it. but i wonder to the extent that true, how much do you think that has to do with the simple fact that obama was re-elected last year? so much of the frostiness in the first term seemed to be na netanyahu was basically betting that obama would be a one-term president. betting on romney victory. here is the re-elected more confident and assertive obama making a trip to israel. did that force netanyahu to be more con ciliatory maybe in. >> at the end of the conference, the prime minister talked about this is second term president and third term prime minister. they are stuck with each other, that's the honest truth. but it is more than that. they are both making a concerted effort to put a few nas ew face
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this relationship. the main goal is to introduce himself to the israeli public and tell them he has their back. this is coupled with diplomacy. as andrea mentioned, calling him bb, a nickname, an first name, but a nickname, he is sticking to that. he is not saying netanyahu, he is saying bb. so he has been scloes to israel and close to support for israel and they share assess ment on iran. there a clear effort on both parties to start anew and have a better relationship. but it goes beyond the prime minister and president. the prime menster not want just the president to put on a better face to their talks but also for the israeli public to trust the president more. the president disagrees with
12:24 pm
prime minister on some. and for this the president needs the israeli public to be a bit more on his side. to allow him to disagree with the prime minister and assert pressure on the prime minister. remember back what bill clinton as president did when the same netanyahu was prime minister disagreed with clinton. he paid a political price because israelis loved clinton. this is not the same with obama. the president would benefit from the trust from israelis even when he has disagreements with their prime minister. not to say the president owes israelis anything. he is not their president. he is the american one. they don't deserve his love. but it would be expedient for him to gain their trust when he disagrees with the prime minister, more than when he agrees with them. >> what message is teheran taking from all this? this visit today. and when we talk about iran a year or so away from having a
12:25 pm
nuclear weapon, are we inching closer toward a military conflict? we can't be sanctioning them any more than we already are. >> i think first, a very important point for both the prime minister and president is that teheran here a similar message. it is important because in a sense we have a game of chicken going on. iranians, if they are convinced that u.s. threat for use of force is credible, they are much more likely to go to diplomatic deal. president mentioned there is still time for a deal but it depend on the iranians going through that open door. and israeli perspective for that long time has been that the more credible the threat of use of force the less likely the use of force will be. and is especially important that israelis don't do anything rash, like a unilateral strike on their own. so it is very important, actually, the message be similar. message heard in teheran. and to some degree this is can conveyed again today. it is not new. on the year, i would caution that the year is given an
12:26 pm
iranian decision. if the supreme leader iran made the decision to build a bomb then given what needs to be done by iranians and in building the actual weapon and deliverable weapon, this might take a year give or take by this assessment. that depend on decision. that could be put off. iranians may decide to stall it more as they have done for quite a while. and in the meantime break out capability, the ability to build the bomb should they ever make that decision. this is where we have a new answer but important difference between the israelis and americans. israelis are very pearful of the situation where iran is capable of building a bomb, whether or not it decided to do so. and within a few months can build the bomb. americans are slightly more thinking about how long it would take to actually build the pom. this difference is important and it is a difference that might give them motivation for israelis to act unilaterally, fearing that their stakes are
12:27 pm
higher, just as the president mentioned, since they feel more under threat by iran. >> natan, going back to the big picture with palestinians and iranians, are you hopeful there are pieces in place to start a meaningful negotiation at this time? >> well, being hopeful on this issue is never a good idea. at least on this continent. everyone in washington and the region is very pessimistic. because we have tried and failed so many times. in this ip stainstant to fail a tray is worse than not to try at all. i would say there is a lot of room between where we are now and which is a very dangerous stalemate and back sliding o on the ground between that and a ground peace deal. as the president said, coming with some notion of a grand peace deal right now seems very unrealistic given where the israelis are in terms of their
12:28 pm
perception of threat and where the palestinians are in terms of their inner divisions between fatah and hamas, between the west bank and gaza strip. but there is a lot that can be done and secretary kerry will be instrumental in trying to move forward or at the very least stop the back sliding. this is where the issues will get trickier. issues of settlement on the israeli side. on the israeli side, questions of settlement, outpost further into the palestinian territories, once that are less in the consensus in israel, more controversial from the israeli perspective but ones to the far right, feel strongly. if secretary kerry demand the israelis km through on their promises to dismantle what they believe to be illegal out in the palestinian territory that can cause deep tensions and fears within netanyahu coalition. that is something i think we should be looking for in the next months and years to come.
12:29 pm
tension and sense between john can kejohn kerry and bennett. those are the two leaders in the politics as odd as they might sound, surrounding the settlement issue. the more the u.s. demand of israel on that question, the more the coalition netanyahu build with a domestic agenda in mind may have a harder time holding together. >> all right, natan sax, thanks so much for your help today. >> my pleasure, thank you. up next, obama caught on camera talking smack about congress. okay, maybe that's an exaggeration. but we will play the tape and get congressman peter welch to respond. he is in the box, next. [ male announcer ] this is bob,
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for more information including cost support options, call 1-888-xarelto or visit >> my pleasure, thank you. exsten sh a hot microphone c president obama saying it is good to get away from congress. our facebook fans are loving it and are reacting as if they
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themselves are members of can congress. as cynthia would tell you, president, don't blame you from wanting to get away from us, congress, i would too. unfortunately for the president this is a short get away. when he returns to washington, he will face his watered down gun control bill and a battle with house republicans and some democrats too, maybe. in the guess spot today is congressman peter welch. he is from the great state of vermont. congressman, i guess i want it start with the issue of the sequester. the thing that was never supposed to happen and is being implemented as we speak. politically speaking, sort of of the gamble here that president obama and your party seem to be making was that threat of the sequester would be a deterrent to get republicans to the table. that didn't happen. but if we went into the implementation phase, the pain would be so widespread around the country there would be an outcry and pressure, public
12:34 pm
pressure, on republicans to come back to the table. we're not seeing that happen. in terms of what it was supposed to do for political pressure, is the sequester a bust? >> it is. in that respect. the calculation that the defense cuts would be so severe for the republicans, that they agree to alternative, turn out not to be true. and it is a very interesting situation because it shows how really -- really extreme the republican tea party style commitment is to cutting budgets. two reasons. number one, this is very dumb. a hundred percent of members of congress think it is a dumb way it make cut, yet it is happen ppg second, a significant can cut for defense in its across the board and republicans are walking away from what has been traditional strej j of their party which is strong on defense. so it really does demonstrate that there is a very strong ideology that it cut at in cost in any way is better than investment and better than trying to work it out in bet are
12:35 pm
than really. >> congressman, turning to another budget balancing deficit reducing measure, we've had lots of talk over the years in the potential grand bargain. we have never seen anything come to fruition. but what i want to know from you is what you would actually want to see in a grand bargain. and if we even need a grand bargain at this point since the peak in 2009, deficit is coming down. there is a new report out from president's council of economic advisors saying if we are able to hold medicare to growth rate over the past five years, it has actually been doing well and would go a long way to closing the budget gap. what are you looking for? do we even need a grand barring on right now? >> can couple of things. number one, i think it would be better if we had a grand bargain but i'm skeptical we would have one. give we give away money, about
12:36 pm
$1.2 trillion. everyone knows the tax code is a mess. economically inefficient. stacked off in times against the middle class. so if we can clean up the tax code that would be beneficial. second, healthcare issue is a very serious one. medicare costs are coming down but there's a demographic that awaits us. 10,000 folks a day are going on to medicare and it is not just medicare issue. it is a healthcare spending issue in this country that's tough on businesses, tough on individual. so if we can do something to help slow that rate of growth and confidently keep it down, that's beneficial for the broad economy. >> americans were according to polls, americans are strongly in favor of gun can control. recent poll, favor background checks. more than half favor banning assault weapons. over half favor banning large magazines. >> that's the reason i think the
12:37 pm
president is glad to be away from washington, away from congress. there is a level of dysfunction here. the power in this institution is enormous. it takes away from common sense steps. you have the filibuster. and senator reid felt, as he counted votes, he wouldn't be able to keep the assault ban weapon in the bill and in the house, majority rules. that's mr. boehner. and it is up to him whether he puts legislation on the floor. now the other dynamic we have is that the country is in favor of it. but in the a lot of these districts, the folks who represent those districts, those people are solidly against it. so you have this situation where the minority, with this gerrymandering actually is vetoing what in effect is i think why the popular efforts common sense steps on guns. >> congressman, i think if it were widely popular, you would have a much easier time getting
12:38 pm
through. but if i could just shift your attention to immigration for a second, a recent pew poll found that of the 5.4 million legal immigrants from mexico that are eligible to become citizens of those, two thirds have chosen not to. and for a variety reasons. including a simple lack of interest. i'm wondering, why we're considering offering a bath way to citizenship for illegal immigrants when folks who are here legally haven't, in many cases, taken that next step. >> i actually can't answer for that. i don't know what impediments are. but there are millions of folks living in the shadows. they are, many of them, paying taxes. and it is a problem that we have to address. in the immigration issue is politically sensitive one now because the republicans know that's where they really got hammered in the last election. so you see them indicate much more willingness -- you are
12:39 pm
seeing this they have come to the conclusion that it is hurting them, not helping them. then there are high-tech people. then form workers and hospitality industry. there is an interest converging with just the issue of trying to help folks who have been living here somehow find a way they can come out of the shadows and be contributors and tax payers in this economy. >> but i'm talking about folks here legally, congressman, not living in the shadows. they are here legally. eligible to become citizens and haven't chosen to. two thirds in the case of mexican legal immigrant. >> that's a head-scratcher for me. i don't know what the answer is to that. i don't know the impediments. if you are legal and could come forward, then i would hope you would. you have to meet obligations that all citizens have. >> congressman, if i could go back to what you were saying about a grand bargain and the need to get healthcare costs
12:40 pm
under control, some of the ideas for reforms to medicare as part of a grand bargain have been means testing and raising the pled care eligibility age, are those reforms that you support? >> well, means testing we already do. that is already part of medicare and a lot of folks don't know that. so that is okay with me. raising the age, i think, is a bad idea. it doesn't save money. i think if anything, the real focus here has to be on trying to bring the cost down. one thing we could do is have medicare do price negotiation on prescription drugs. like we do in medicaid. like we do in v.a. but we pay 660% more for the same prescription of medicare. even though we buy wholesale, we have to pay retail. i would say $160 million. it is a real challenge for us. the budget is bringing down healthcare cost and trying to help folks whose wages are not keeping up with profits.
12:41 pm
the sequester was voted, or allowed to go into place, the dow hit its then record. and profits of the highest they've been since 1960. that's a good thing. but wages are down at levels, the same as they were in 1960. that's a very tough thing for middle class families trying to hang on. >> all right. congress and peter welch, a great new englander, thank you for stopping by. >> thank you. >> up next, the final show for one of the four of us. wondering who that is. we will roast them, cycle style, next. acceler-rental.
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at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? who will survive to host another edition of the cycle? and who won't? it's time for the big reveal. this is steve n this is corps /* this is steve kornacki's last day with us. he is taking over his own show. we all know our friend, steve kornac kornacki. but there is also paranoid kornacki and professor kornacki. let's go back to kornacki's classroom. >> let's go back to 1978. if you are 40 or over, you are still talking about this.
12:46 pm
i add fascination with this storm. governor due ckakis. he was defeated by the conservative democrat and nearly lost his political career but came back in 1982. i have a dream to make a movie, period picture called, blizzard of '78. >> from the mind of steve kornacki. >> i read just about every campaign book i could get my hand on. 1984. here is 1988. back in 1972. 1988 new hampshire primary. 1993 whitman versus florio. cycle bit of useless trivia. you said the previous one was 1959. you are correct. that was. louis strauss. >> he not googling. >> i might have written about that recently. >> he is not human with the
12:47 pm
facts that he has in his head. at a fingertip, is amazing. we have been blown away by that all the time. >> you know what i love is looking at all of our faces as steve unrolled that bit of trivia, like, does he really know this right now. >> the thing i will never forget is when ed rendell said, do you know what life expectancy rate was in 1964? of course i do, like off the top of his head. >> do you know the year medicare was created. that was his question. >> in addition to weird weather history with steve kornacki, i'm also going to -- >> that's the name of the new show, isn't it? >> oh, i'm hoping. i'm also going to miss, just the personal stories that steve would tell about how he navigates life. like discovering couscous at 33. and the hats. that should be the new show. steve kornacki discovers life. >> people don't know, he came into the office and was like,
12:48 pm
oh, my god, i had this great food saturday night. have you ever heard of this thing called can couscous? yeah, we have heard about that. but we are constantly discovering things of steve that come from the mind of kornacki. paranoid kornacki who we have all grown to love and feel a little weird about too. >> you are a hypocon dree yack. you always think you are sick. >> i'm not an alarmist. there is a difference. >> temperatures can get out of control, it could spread to your brain, there is brain inflammation and you die. i also have chronic sinus issues. here is the other question when you come down with flu symptoms, is it the flu or spinal meningitis. >> we work in a very large office building and that means you know, anything that comes in, it s going to get circulated through the ducts and in the food in the cafeteria. >> calm down. >> i took one crews cruise, you call it, from portland, maine to nova scotia why.
12:49 pm
three miles off the water. the casino opens. i played slot machines and a ship employee kicked me out after 30 minute. i got sea sick, then woke up with chicken pox. >> that is a hotel that might sink. >> a plane crash. >> if it crashes, good, you don't have it think with b it any more. >> except eternity. great. i always had my issues with flying. i'm, you know, i said if i see -- if i see somebody in the bathroom nor than 90 second, i think shoe bomber. i believe this sets a record or close to record for longest period of time without a fatal crash. i mean, you know, does somebody like me with flying issues, we are really pushing our luck. >> survived a number of plane rides this year. >> yeah, six for six on plane rides this year. i had to restrain two shoe bombers on two flights -- >> no, you didn't. >> i have obsessive compulsive
12:50 pm
tendencies. >> you dent say? >> but i wouldn't call them suspicious. if i'm walking to left, and i went this way and something bad happened, soi will go this way. if i'm walking and then i will avoid the cracks. how many cracks did i step on. will i break my mother's back. when i was a kid, i would check under the bed for, not monsters, but intruders. >> this is self protection. >> every space big enough to hold a human being. two closets, behind the shower, and i have to check them before i good to sleep. >> the man is seriously ocd. yesterday he told us there are no books in his apartment because he threw them all out after the bedbug scare of 2011. i'm done. i'm done. >> what i love is that last clip where we actually cut him off. it was like, all right, you're going too far on this. this could go on the entire
12:51 pm
show, you listing your phobias. you have a new apartment. have you figured out the human size crevasses to check every night before bed? >> that is the least issues with the new apartment. if you're ever going to go rent an apartment, you should spent more than two minutes looking at it before you sign the lease for a year. because there a pile of dust under the door now and construction in the hallway this sheet thing 90 degrees every night. unfortunately the bathroom didn't work for the first month i was there. there was a 24-hour starbucks near me. >> is this a husband, what aous talking about here. >> our favorite moments of paranoid kornacki and professor kornacki, have to be just kornacki being kornacki. >> bon ju -- i don't know. glitz and glamour and at times bizarre, i'm looking at you jodie foster, in hollywood in
12:52 pm
full force last night. 70th annual golden globe award. ♪ what might be right for you may not be right for some ♪ >> man is born, he is a man of means -- i could go on and go o. this is like completely out of touch executive said to, like, we need to do some ad with social media. we need that internet stuff. bieber stuff, the kids, the kids, with their phone. i'm going give you a super saver tip for the holidays. i've taken grandson and changed it to amy. i've taken birthday and changed it to hanukkah. now it says amy, you're the hanukkah champ. ♪ that's the mr. belvedere theme song. the reason? why t not. i love the show. >> yeah. >> the reason is why not.
12:53 pm
>> mr. belvedere, why not. >> i didn't realize i said all that stuff. >> steve, it's been a lot of fun. >> i can't take much more of it. >> it's not going to be the same without you, steve. >> that might be a good thing, judging from that tape. >> you're amazing. >> if only people could see the way he holds the fork with a thumb underneath where the fork is supposed to go. we have grown to love him. >> the random trivia time we have even in the commercial breaks with anyone know the capital of -- >> it was in mozambique. >> madagascar. >> madagascar. >> this is every day, seventh grade geography class, come on. >> it doesn't stop when the cameras are off. >> we pooled our money and got you some gifts because we love you and you need more stuff. >> oh. >> so we got you a nice sweater which is your style. >> oh, thank you. >> we got you -- >> trademark look. >> -- another sweater for your
12:54 pm
trademark look. >> wow. >> and we got you another shirt, which is exactly like -- >> that's -- >> -- the one that you're wearing now. >> i've got three of these. >> and we got you a copy of my book. no bookshelf is complete without. >> what do you think they would give me for this? >> a lot. >> we're going to miss you, steve. >> thanks, guys. i didn't t get you anything except my love. >> it's okay. >> i have a bottle of tums.desk that you gave me for christmas. >> unbelievable that steve kornacki had the most unusual name on the show. >> it's also worth mentioning that all of this we bequeath to you up team on saturday and sunday. you are inheriting all of this. good look and enjoy him. we certainly did. so we've had our fun with steve. you've heard our favorite moments. straight ahead, he gets his say, the final "steve speak" is next.
12:55 pm
the only thing we'd ever grown together was a record collection. no. there was that fuzzy stuff on the gouda.
12:56 pm
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12:58 pm
♪ that's "perfect strangers" in case your wond you're wondering. i'm trying to think of what i can say about my co-host here after that last segment in which they did their absolute beth with ample assistance from me
12:59 pm
but to made me look like a psychopath. i'm thinking a it and we've been working together for nine months now. i really can't -- i think of like toure, toure is a modest, unassuming -- he has some talents i don't think -- you see him as a tv personality. i tell you some, toure is a bit of a word smith. i wish he would write a book some day. i think he's got some talent there. he doesn't have the confidence to do it, but i think he's got some talent there. see, i was trying to think of something i could say to kind of get back t at you and then i realized there's nothing i can say that isn't said about you on twitter. right. >> so i'm going to -- >> somebody's already said it. >> s.e., i have to give her credit, we have these web extra videos that we do and s.e. has this great one, s.e.'s tweet bag. this is not a shameless plug, maybe kind of is. go watch it.
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